Greetings. My name is Monet Mystique.
Come-hither towards the inner workings of a young lady trying to find the right road and making a few left turns along the way...

Venice, CA.

Calling to book an appointment at the Float Lab tomorrow. Just watched this informative Vice doc on sensory deprivation tanks and their benefits for the mind and body. I’m currently on this quest to experience as much exposure to uncomfortable situations. I’m confident these exposures will help alleviate my fear of the “unknown” and stimulate internal inspiration. Slowing down the mind and having the ability to meditate is a huge challenge for me. The floatation sessions will create the perfect environment for me to release all thoughts and submit to the process of meditation. According to Yelp, Crash and his amazing tanks are booked for at least a month out.. We shall see.


A one hundred year old woman reflects on her deceased husband.


if i had a dollar for every time an adult asked me about college then i’d have enough money to pay for college

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"Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul."

- Charlie Chaplin

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Had a brief moment of panic en route to Coachella but nothing a little Xanax can’t fix… I’ve also limited myself to one beer for the night to be on the safe side but I shall go hard in the paint tomorrow. So far it has been amazing. No words to describe the wonderful peeps I’ve met and our amazing campsite. Nothing in this world compares to the feeling of being around such great energy. I’ll be back every until I turn 30.

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